The Auditor General serves as the fiscal watchdog for Pennsylvanians. The office investigates the effectiveness of taxpayer-funded programs by ensuring that money is being spent properly and that the programs are producing results. Below are key areas that I will focus on as Auditor General:

Finding Savings

Given the incredible budgetary strain facing Pennsylvanians in recent years, the office of Auditor General is even more critical. I will run audits that will identify any wasteful and inefficient spending that can be eliminated, freeing up money for critical programs. My record in identifying savings is clear—I kept my legislator expenses so low that I returned more than $36,000 in unused taxpayer money to the state.

Investing in Pennsylvania's Transportation, Roads and Bridges

The evidence is clear—action must be taken now to invest in Pennsylvania's infrastructure. A major priority for my administration will be publicizing the critical problems surrounding our crumbling roads and bridges. As Auditor General, I will urge the governor to make infrastructure investments to protect the safety of all Pennsylvanians.

Improving Job Creation

The most important issue for Pennsylvania is job creation. I will consistently audit all economic development programs in order to identify those that are succeeding and those that are not so that we can either revise or eliminate them. We need to get the results that taxpayers deserve and our economy requires.

Protecting The Environment

On my first day in office as your Auditor General, I will order an immediate performance audit of the Department of Environmental Protection to make sure our constitutional right to pure water has not been compromised by natural gas drilling.

Funding Education, Senior Services, Health Care, and Public Safety

While we need to eliminate wasteful spending, we also need to make sure that critical programs have the funding that they need. The enormous cuts last year to education and health care programs are already taking a heavy toll on Pennsylvanians, and now eliminating hundreds of police officers is on the table. I will use the office to not only identify savings but to promote how these savings can be used. For example, I will continually monitor the tobacco settlement funds and all health programs in an effort to find savings so that we can restore the AdultBasic program.

Clean Energy & Green Jobs

By increasing the production of clean energy, Pennsylvania can improve its environment and create well-paying jobs. Eugene is leading the way making Pennsylvania a leader in green jobs and clean energy production.