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Inquirer endorses Eugene DePasquale for auditor general


Pennsylvanians also must choose an auditor general, another position with great fiscal responsibility. Running for reelection is Eugene DePasquale, a Democrat, who is facing John Brown, the Republican county executive for Northampton County, who says he has returned $40 million to his county's budget by eliminating waste and fraud.

DePasquale, however, has also done a creditable job as auditor general. With a staff of only about half the 900 that worked in the department in the 1990s, he has used advanced technology to reduce the time it takes to conduct audits, cut travel expenses, and reduce the office's vehicle fleet.

Brown contends DePasquale should be saving the state more money, but the value of some audits can't be counted in dollars and cents. For example, DePasquale discovered that 43,000 child abuse hotline calls weren't answered and more than 3,000 rape kits were never tested by police. Audits that reveal where the state needs to invest more resources have value too. The Inquirer endorses EUGENE DEPASQUALE.

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